Retro Green

Last weekend, one my playing partner complaint again on how slow the greens were. "How can you putt on this slow shaggy green?", he lamented. As for myself, slow greens doesn't really bother me, as they require as much putting skill as on fast greens, maybe more. But what irk me most is when the rolling speeds are inconsistent .

Over the year, I learn that the key to good putting on slow greens is that one have to commit to a line absolutely and then accelerate the putter all the way through the ball. Its also extremely important to strike the ball with authority to get the ball rolling on a coarse surface green. Which reminded me the time I played well when my ex club's green keeper tore up our 8th hole at the back nine to test out a new type of grass. As the green was rebuild, we had to use part of the fairway as a temporary green, which was cut a bit shorter than the regular fairway height. Gosh, I bet majority of the member swore every time they play that green!

Ball skipped and hopped as I putted on that green but I kind of like it as it remind me the way all greens did a few decades ago. Green these days are mowed as short as major championship greens and it doesn't take a scientist to know that the green's health has suffered as the result as they are more likely susceptible to diseases and dry out in this high tropic temperature. And to most amateurs, greens that are too fast for their own good will encourage slow play as they will spent more time scratching their head and cursing on their four putts.

So when you are on the green next time, think about the wonder of the good old shaggy green.


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