Chicken delima


I rubbed my eyes and glanced at my alarm clock. 5 a.m! I don't even get up this early for golf!! Holding my explicits words, I sat up at the edge of my bed and there goes the crow again, this time louder. Am I dreaming or is this another repeat of my nightmare.

A few years back before we moved to our current house, we experienced a bad encounter with a neighbor that turned their house into a chicken slaughtering house. The sound of chickens and their screams left a bad scar on me as I had to endure the racket every morning that usually starts as early as 3 a.m! Luckily , we were able to move to a new house a year later, far away from the terror house.

As I made my way to the window, peered through the curtains, still hoping I was just dreaming. But to my horror I saw shadows of at least 3 dozens chickens in two make shift coup at the back of my new neighbour house. They must have moved them in during the night.

Not another time? Why me? Why? Why? Why?

Later in the day, I found out from my other neighbour that our new friends are from out of Kuching. And that probably explain the reason why they didn't know the few rule living in city's vicinity. Mind you, I was a kampung boy myself but I adapted myself to modernization. But hey, this got nothing to do with that. It's about common sense and having respect for other peace and human need, such air clean air? good night sleep? Which also explain why in general, people living in urban areas don’t rear chicken at the back of the house in modern residential areas. Hello, remember the time not long ago when there were fears of a return of the bird’s flu?

After the third day, enough was enough. And not wanting to offend our new big biceps neighbour, I wrote to my local council for a little assistance. And to my surprised they were prompt to response. However due to red tape beurocracy they had to liaise with numerous agencies before acting. That's government service to you.

Two weeks later after enduring sleepless night and foul stench. A call came from the local council and I was informed that after their supposedly simple but yet lengthy investigation, they found out that Mr. xxx is rearing xx number of chickens for his wife's consumption during her confinement period for 1 month!

I am dumb folded. What will you do if you are in my situation?


Cow Sense said…
aiya .. maybe if you could have walk over to your neighbour and check with them ... before do the reporting will be good la .. hahahaha anyway .. understand how u feel about the sound n foul smell ... anyway the chicken sounds and smell remind u being a kampung boy :)
cloudsters said…
Perhaps you might pop by and ask nicely if they could keep the droppings from accumulating (that should remove the offending odour)?

Otherwise, it's only for a month: And maybe if they saw how distressed you were, they might give you a nice roast chicken.
MahaguruSia said…
cow sense - maybe I should have walk over to confront, I meant talk to the big bicep non civilized neighbour of mine and risk being flatten and made into a garden compost but I couldn't risk it. So the best way was to ask an official middle man to settle this matter, which is the local council in this matter. Beside, there was no nappies or sign that they just had a baby, so how can we tell that he wasn't telling a lie to the council?

cloudsters - yeah, I am nice person. So nice that I let the bugger go by giving him a grace period of 2 weeks to finish off his chickens and we have to suffer in silence for that time period. Urggh... imagine having no peaceful sleep and smelling shit for another 2 weeks, just because I am nice person? Disease could have spread during that time and I could also have suffer mental breakdown Yes, I am gracious aren't I? :)
Smurfette said…
So you look like the KungFu panda with black rings?
Perhaps, if you have approached yr big biceps neighbour, there's a chance things might have turned out a different way? Who knows, big biceps men can have a big warm and soft heart leh?
Lemme see your big black ring eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you sure it's not due to Euro 2008? So bad lah you, blaming it on the poor chickens who get slaughtered eventually! sheeesh...
Cow Sense said…
So your chicken neighbour case settle already ah ?

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