Petrol effects on Golf

I was on my way to golf when I stopped by the petrol station for my first fill up after Malaysian government hiked it's retail fuel price to RM2.69 per liter a few days ago.

With the 100 ringgit note I had, I only got back 5 ringgit this time! Usually I had about 30 to 40 odd ringgit to spare for my golf wagers / betting and drinks. Grr.... I am pissed!

I am not venting my frustration at the inevitable increase in global fuel price but at the way the people managing this crisis. Yadda yadda yadda... to cut the story short, there is no vision and transparency in managing this country! My only hope is that the so called money saved on subsidies will be channel back to the people fully (?)

And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the fuel hike will indirectly caused inflation as the operation cost especially in transportation of good will have to increase. Food and daily essential goods have all increased. Does this mean golf balls, clubs and equipment will be more dearer in the near future? I sure hope not or else I will be eating my own divots for lunch!

So what's the remedy to counter this extra expenditure? I would have taken the public transport to my club but I don't see any bus or train going through my private club nor will there be one in the future.

Car pool or use less Titleist ProVs, I guess...

FORE!!! #%&@*


Golf friend said…
Yeah I know how costly it's getting to fill up the tank! Btw, Callaway Golf is helping you to get more distance off the tee and out of your car with the latest promotion. They are giving away free gas card from American express with purchase of any new FT-i, FT-5 or Hyper X driver. Check out website.
dizzyguy73 said…
Just wait till August. U will be surpised of another petrol hike even if our mr. nice PM has announced there wont be another hike.

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