Plugging 2V1G

With my newly acquire component speakers, I went into a frenzy in search for new CDs where I stumbled upon this locally brew talent, 2V1G

Although I am no audiophile expert, I love listening to high fidelity quality CD as I am into vocals and instrumental music. And amazingly, all it took was two voices and one guitar to get me hooked on this group. Roger Wang (guitarist - check out his website for sample music download), Winnie Ho and Regine Tai, you guys rocks!

The classical love songs are in Chinese Mandarin and although I don't fully understand the songs as my mandarin is half past six, the quality just blew me away. The limited CDs are imported as they are pressed in Hong Kong and surprisingly they are competitively priced. The CD can be purchase online from their blog website at RM39.90 Click here for >>> 2V1G Online Purchase

Do check them out, they even have sample of their music on their website.

2 thumbs up from me.

p/s By the way Leslie, if you are reading this, please send me an extra copy as I really want to have an extra copy to keep. With autographs please! :))))


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