Came back from a church camp retreat at Santubong.

Surprised that I am a Christian? To cut the long story short, yes I am by faith but I just don't practice it sadly. Too many things just don't make sense to me (yet).

Anyway it was a long weekend as Merdeka Day fell on Sunday. We managed to pack everyone into my 7 seater MPV and moment like this is when everyone appreciate people mover like mine. The short distance drive to Damai was made sweeter with Andrea Bocelli's CD playing on my new crystal clear sound system. Weather was great, sunny through the whole 3 days. And as expected, the resort was packed with holiday maker, typical of Kuching as there are not many places to go during holidays. Santubong resort that we stayed in, is however in a bad state as maintenance is clearly lacking in every department. Despite that we had great fun and enjoyed the sun and beach. Even the food were great despite being buffet style, as we ate out heart out.

One will be even more surprised to know that The golf bag didn't tagged along despite Damai Golf and country club is just beside the resort. Proudly I managed to resist the temptation while we walked along side the 18th hole on way down to the resort beach. The beach is quite secluded and surprising clean. Public can actually access it through the golf club, so there is not much exclusivity there and expect every dick tom and harry to be there during peak season.

I did however went on the golf course but I didn't played, instead I went running in the early morning. I ran the 2 mornings and did two loops each day on the ocean nine as the fresh air and view are just breath taking. Which made me wish that I have a home just beside the seaside.

Wishful thinking... well that's me.


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