Celcom Broad your Band please

This is another rant on telekom internet speed.

I have stopped using streamyx for about 2 years ago as their service interruptions were to frequent for my short temper to bear. Hence I switched over to their cheaper and mobile 3G broadband last year.

As it was just launched then (and cheaper - save me some mulla), I was fine with the chugging service in the beginning as I didn't expect much from the speed that they claim can achieved, up to 1mb? Well, not to belittle my own country's monopolize telecommunication company, but we are seriously lacking behind other countries in internet infrastructure, speed and services. I wouldn't dare to tell my friend oversea what speed I am getting for broadband services. But simple click on the net you can discover what speed are provided. Yeah, although they claim of up to 1mb speed, but most of internet subscribers in the country are suffering in silence because of the crawling speed which at time are less than 90 kb which is by today standard is no better than the old age 44kb dial modem speed that I used 10 years ago.

And recently after a year launching the 3G broadband services, TM (Telekom Malaysia) is only now trying to push their internet penetration by heavily advertising and promoting their services. They are claiming that they are the number 1 broadband in the country although the fact that they are the only backbone out for the country really irk me. Unlimited excess for only $$XXX amount of money. blah blah blah....

until I received an sms recently that goes like this :

"From: 25222 24/04/ 2009 16:35:00
A friendly reminder, your data usage is reaching the allocated 5GB/ mth (Celcom Broadband Policy). Pls reduce your usage to avoid having your speeds managed."

I am not a heavy data user, but due to work commitment this month I received the above warning. Eh, why unlimited but you cannot use more than 5GB??? Net citizen, don't be fool by their deceitful advertising! Now I am crawling even slower on the net!! Malaysia boleh hai hai....


Anonymous said…
you are idiot. talk like a cock. if you don't like the infrastructure in this malaysia boleh country, then go back to your grandmother's homeland.
MahaguruSia said…
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Celcom Broad your Band please":

you are idiot. talk like a cock. if you don't like the infrastructure in this malaysia boleh country, then go back to your grandmother's homeland.

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Posted by Anonymous to Beyond this Box at 30/4/09 8:40 AM

09:08:38 Firefox 2.0.0 Windows XP 1024x768 Kuching Sarawak Malaysia ***** [Edit Label]

I have logged all the details of this commentator and although this sadden me to see comment coming from an anonymous coward, I am going to let this comment publish as to show what is becoming of society these days.
yappy said…
talk cock ? England bely powerderful la

I didn't know a person can talk cock one .. maybe kasi Blow Job i would understand better ...
Smurfette said…
I dun use TM nor Celcom's service. Was never confident nor trusted them enough to use either.

Anyway, everyone's entitled to their individual opinion. So you had yours trashed out in yr own blog and there's someone who didn't like it and left you a comment on his / her thoughts.

So be it, live with it! =)
Persephone said…
PSP to anonymous : y u dare to comment but no dare to put yr name???
Anonymous said…
This attack is not warranted la. we all have our opinions, not as if Mahaguru is bashing celcom.

Anon must be a damn racist or having a bad day.
Tailuk said…
my grandmader's homeland is in PJ .... i think anon grandmader homeland is in indon ler lol
yappy said…
my 2 sen .. those bband provider should buck up and up grade their services in order to improve their $ figures .. and both party also happy.

Instead of just Brush it off and asking people to go back homeland kasi la some constructive ideas or criticsm

btw . . . whatever mother or father land we from .. we are still human after all and also will mati .. and does it matter which father and mother homeland mari ?

Rest my case .. and happy labour day
michaelooi said…
that Anonymous commentator is probably a Telekom Malaysia employee, or rather, his dad is.

What a lowlife. (him and his dad)
Pookyma said…
Anon sounded like a wise person with his comment eeh?

But the fuck up on the infrastructure coz going back to grandma's homeland aint gonna change a shit.
Anonymous said…
I am another anonymous.. not the anonymous cock sucker above. Malaysia is my country. My mom and my dad my grandparents also from Malaysia.

We pay taxes for Telekom's initial infrastructures.. cabling, fibers, etc.. before they come as big as now.. and make money as much as now. They fails making profit every year.

They are dominant. Of course there's a lot of other company able to give better and cheaper service - Malaysia are small indeed. They will kill the competitors by using Malaysian government.

They squeeze as much as they can from the user.. by holding the previously invested income from the taxes - holding the technology back. So that, when their competitors releasing new cheaper services/products, they will release it bit by bit and keep saying that their fucking services are cheaper.

Talking about fucking, you may find their directors/managers fucking around somewhere in remote golf clubs/spas.. (gonna put this on youtube)

Doesn't matter about skin colors, we will get the same lame services from all ISPs in Malaysia - for this I'll blame Telekom.

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