Justice my foot

I often hear people say that Malaysia's judicial system sucks!

Well, I never really paid attention to it. Its like, in one ear and out through the next ear. That's until something happened, well not to me directly but to a cousin of mine.

She was almost killed when she was knocked down from behind while riding home on her motorcycle. This incident happened a few months back and I only wrote about it now because her case just got mentioned. Talk about efficiency.

For the matter of fact, it happened on the eve of Chinese New Year, when my cousin was riding back home from town, when she was bulldoze down from behind by one of those 4 wheel drive vehicle. Yes, those monster cars are common in timber rich Sarawak and the drivers are one of a kind too. Not to generalized but most of them are ruthless especially those found in cowboy town Sibu.

The impact apparently flung her into the air violently and she was knock unconscious. Luckily the safety helmet safe her, even though it was found crack in halve! She was admitted to the ICU and remained unconscious for a few days. Sadly, the driver who knock her down was no where to be found.

After a week, we were all relieve when she recovered consciousness but there was a severe injury to her nerve system and her walking ability will be impaired permanently. To make think worst, the hit and run driver turn up at the local police station a few days later, not to turn himself in but instead made a report that my niece knock into 4wd. Wat the ????

Apparently this is what most hit and run driver do here. How can they get away with this? Call it a loop hole in the country's justice system or rather the lack of it. I just cannot imagine how can a deceitful person sleep at night?

The police are still investigating the case and apparently the chances of the bugger getting acquitted is very high because of the lack in evidence.

Be it the red tapes or bureaucracy, many hands are tied or paid to be tied. This legal system can be lob sided, depending on who you know or who you pay. This is Malaysia alright.


Ethen said…
Malaysia BOLEH :)

and welokom to land of BOLEH

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