Daion Guitar

I got an old guitar.

To be precise, its a Daion quality guitar Model DA-71 EC.
I have no idea where its made, but inside the sound hole the stickers mention - Made for Central Musical Instrument Australia. It looks like an old guitar, probably in the 1980s circa and should be consider a classic vintage(?) Anyone out there know how much this guitar is worth?

Please do help out as I have no idea, as I am new this guitar world.

Here's a photo of a Daion guitar (handcrafted guitar), not my model but it looks similar in lighter colour. Personally I think the Daion logo is a classic as it looks like a tuning fork or a goat's horn, that's if have wild imagination like me :)
I am a non musical person but ever since I got this guitar, I am addicted to it. As I just love how the guitar sounded as it can be so calming and soothing.

And with help from friends, book and online internet guitar lesson, I managed to learn some guitar basic and have been plucking and strumming away for many late nights, to much of my neighbor annoyance I bet. As the result my left fingers also suffered; they are still sore from the countless hours fret pressing. Any cure for this beside stop practicing? :)

I know (and hopefully) its going to be worth while as I am beginning to hear the results.

And most importantly, I hope this will cure my much debated so call tone deafness and 'miraculously' add a little music to my life.


Anonymous said…
I think I have the same guitar as you. I found it and repaired it. They are very rare guitars an sound nice.

If you keep playing it, your finger tips will harden and you will be in no more pain!


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