MEME: What kind of driver you hate most

In Kuching particularly, I hate those driver that

1. slow down after exiting onto the main road.
worst: especially when they see you coming at high speed

2. don't use signal light - for decoration ah?
worst: when used, its only after they made their turning!

3. never acknowledge after people give way to them
worst: show you their don't care karipap face. Their hand must weight a tonne?

4. change lane like mad F1 driver.
worst: when its during traffic jam. In a hurry? leave early next time!

5. drives with broken brake light
worst: all lights not functioning including their 3rd brake light!

6. talks on mobile while driving - if its important, stop driving
worst: when they do stop, they park indiscriminately, blocking traffic or stop at dangerous spot.
worst2: its some auntie (no apology to this kind of women drivers) but these type of drivers ought to be shot, as they use their phone to chat and drive at their leisurely pace, breaking almost every traffic rule and don't care for other road user.
worst3: when you horn them to avoid accidents, they show you the "huh" whats happening face.

7. use text or SMS while driving - the most dangerous act while driving beside having oral sex (now that's a different story)
worst: I can't think of anything worst than this. I wonder what is so important that it can't wait?

8. drives slowly on the right lane
worst: its an old motorcycle

9. tail gate
worst: they are drunk and drive car with loud music and broken exhaust sound

10. purposely stop beyond the junction line, jutting out their car trying to block
incoming traffic - so that they will give way? I still don't understand this mentality.
Worst: they drive so far out, almost blocking the whole road and incoming traffic but refuse to turn out.

Hmm... let me see who shall I tag :)


dizzyguy73 said…
woahhh... no time to see. Sekali see, kena tagged! Kausaii.. Anyway, Gong Xi Fa Cai. Angpao ples courier mali.

Hmm... hate women who drives luxury car who speed like nobody business & keep flashing their lights like there's no tomorrow.

Those drivers who stopped at the tol, slowly digging coins out from their nose or scratching their butt until the itchyness go away as should be shot dead.

Dunggus fella who forgot to top up before going into the smartag lane & made the world stop spinning.

Ladies who poke their finger into their nose digging gold.

Couples kissing & touching in the car as if no one else lives in this world except them. Ohhh, I wil like it if i can watch the whole show though.

Lorry drivers who purposely cut into the fast lane even though they can see cars coming fast from behind.

Enough la, dowan say anymore. Making my blood pressure high only.

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