No Photo please

No photo in public swimming pool?, my friend asked me through MSN

I asked him, what kind of photos? Nude? He said no. He was only taking photos of his kid while he and his family was at Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh Pool over the weekend.

As far as I know and upon checking their website, its a public swimming pool and there are no rules and regulation against people taking photos there.
"Ipoh municipal council Swimming pool complex apparently is one of the biggest and modern in South East Asia and is built to Olympic standard. It's equipped with diving pool, beginners' pool, children pool and wave pool." - Kolam Renang Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh

Beside good food, I also heard about Ipoh being renown for its beautiful girls, so I told my friend that maybe the warden was worried that people might snapped girls in skimpy clad bikinis? Ha! that will be the day.

But seriously, is taking photo at a public swimming pool illegal?

What's your take? Comment please


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