No SMS while driving!

This morning I had a close shave on the road. This lone girl driver probably in her early teens, served into my lane and nearly knock into my car if I didn't use my horn. What irk me, she didn't even wince and kept on driving while talking on the phone!!

I am not trying to be gender bias but I just see too many drivers, especially young girls these days texting or talking on their phone while driving! What's the point of doing this? I find it very irresponsible and if you don't care for your own life, please spare a thought for the people that love you and other road users !!!!

Have look at the video below, please bewarned that it's
18+ Very Graphic - Dangers of texting while driving - UK SMS Commercial

This video is designed to show what can happen, but there are more examples of it really happening. SMS is fun, but can be dangerous. Please - always be careful.

Please help spread the word and share this info. A little help from everyone, no matter how small you might think it be, will go a long way to make this world a better place. Thank you my dear friends and readers.


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