Project code name ET

Recently a friend called me up and asked, you know anything about BMX? I said, of course I do! I am from the BMX era which was popularized by the movie E.T. in the 80's.
My hybrid old school BMX left unloved in the backyard

During my childhood years, I virtually went everywhere on my bike and took care of it every single moment that I could. I also know every part of my bicycle as I assemble and repair them on my own. And by having a buddy whose dad runs a bicycle shop definitely helps as I get access to all the tools and parts. Looking back, I really relish those moments.

Anyway back to my this friend, he said that he is into BMX and wanted a unit because as a child he never had one! Haha, what a deprived child, I ridicule him. I guess his parents were over protective then.

Interestingly, he told me that he wanted to build up his so call dream bmx bike using old school parts and while searching for info on the net he accidentally stumble upon Eddie's site, who runs a blog site and share the same passion on bmx. He is a Malaysian but now reside in United State.

Coincidentally we met up with Eddie and Fish Fish who is also a blogger and now husband and wife! (Congrats guys.) They were back for their visit / holiday to Malaysia and my friend & I took the opportunity to meet up with them and we went hunting for old bicycle part all over town. That's a first for me after so many years; interesting.

And that episode also gave me the inspiration to start this bike restoring project.

I am lucky this time around to have an assistant to help me out with my project.
my young, sometime over enthusiastic assistant

The stripping down begins...
It's rather sad that some of the parts can't be re use. Wear & tear stuff
Such as the original Kuwahara two tone color BMX rear tyre! Look at the knobby thread, such a classic look and it seems that it can hang on to all kind of terrain and surface. With the expose tyre you can see how well its made, it even have reinforce side wall during those days, see those protruding mess wires!

Front original Taiwan made tire, butterfly thread. Can't remember what happened to my front kuwahara tire? I must have punctured or blown it during one of my stunt :)

MX Dia compe alloy brake caliper with quick release clamp, one of the novelty and rare BMX component during my days
MX, 2 fingered adjustable alloy brake lever

Sugino handle bar clamp combine with Tange ring to secure my ever lasting Kuwahara Laser, straight bar. Although the bike have been left outside for years, rust have not eaten into the chrome surface. The rust can be easily remove by wiping it with aluminum foil (best or solution that works), it comes off even easier if you apply a little bit of oil or wd40.

One of the most sought after old school BMX crank pedal, the Shimano DX crank set!! Even up until today people are still searching for it. I am selling this if the price is right, ha! Just leave me a message :)MKS PB series plastic pedal. My preference over the spiky metal which causes plenty of damage to my feet each time I slip. The MKS are lighter too compare the metal counterpart.

Elena Aero Turbo seat
Paired with Tange unique 90 degree reinforced chrome molly seat post
These are also a very sought after vintage old school BMX parts, original made in Japan, distinctive white line Ukai alloy rim, 20x1.75. The mounted single gear is also made in Japan, Suntour 4532. paired with Shimano Via hub, which I personally think are one of the best hub around then.

to be continue...


yappy said…
selling or redo it back for your anak to play ah ?
sabel said…
mate this bring back my childhood dream.. never had this one those year.. its too expensive back those year.. now im collecting old bike... if you like to sell this.. i keen to buy this from you mate.. here my email..

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