Blog update

I have been neglecting my blog (again!). No apologies to my follower as there is none left! sigh*

Initially, when I setup my blog, it revolves around the happening things in my home town, Kuching and my golfing life. It began with a big bang as usual but after 3 years, I have slowed down and stopped blogging and golfing. I stopped blogging because I am a procrastinator! I should have switch over to micro blogging such as twitter but I did not jump on the band wagon. Does that tell a lot about me?

And I too stopped golfing, since August last year to be exact. It started off with when the rainy monsoon season which started in November last year. Every time Sunday came, the sky opened up on me. So I gave up as it was no fun playing in soggy condition. So I ended up at home doing house chores and playing with my son. It soon become a routine as it was unplayable for the whole month of December, that's unless one wants to play water polo on a golf course.

My son grew accustomed to me at home on Sundays and wanted more time with me. And I also didn't want to miss the family time and watch him grow up. So, that's when I decided to call it quit for golf after 12 years of hacking around. Blogging on golf stuff and clubs review also stop as I didn't update myself by visiting golf shops.

Do I miss golf? Yeah, I still love golf, just that I have different priority nowadays. Maybe when my boy is older, I will start my golf again with him as a family outing. Playing to a single digit handicap of 5, a hole in one and shooting 71 breaking par on par 72 course were the few memorable achievements. Golf in me won't die, I will be back golfing one day. At the mean time I will be focusing on updating this blog with my new or rather, revive hobbies that doesn't consume so much time as golf.

So stay tune folks and visit me more often, I need the traffic :)


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