Gary Fisher Sugar 1

Yipee, my Gary Fisher Sugar 1 frame have arrived!

After payment on paypal, I have been tracking the frame parcel which I bought off ebay. It took 2 days for it to get from the wi, united state to Malaysia but not surprisingly, it was stuck in KLIA for a good 6 days! Talk about Malaysia post efficiency eh? On the 10th day, through pos Malaysia online e parcel tracking website, my much awaited frame have finally arrived in Kuching parcel post office after nearly a week in KL. Knowing the process, I can't wait for another 3 days for the postman to send me the notice, so I decided to self collect it from the parcel office.

My excitement hit another block when I arrived at counter and I was told that my parcel was detained by the custom department! To cut the story short, my used old frame was charged 25% excise duty which came to a total of 300 bucks. It didn't make sense as in why they wanted to charge me for an old used frame. No satisfactory answer, just going round and round as usual. I didn't want to waste anymore time after 2 hours of waiting, so I paid up painfully.

to be continue...


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