Fire razed Gambier St

When I reached out for the newpaper this morning, I had an uneasy feeling when I saw the photo and the headline confirms it; "7 shop houses up in smoke"

OMG, a section of Kuching city historical heritage shophouses went up in smoke last night. The fire has destroyed 7 pre war shophouses along Gambier street, just opposite the recently controversially demolished century old wet market of Kuching.

I took my Gary Fisher and rode to the fire site. Here's some photos of the still burning site, at 9am in the morning.
What is left of one of the building

Fire and smoke still visible in the early morning of the after math

It took 47 firemen from five fire stations, 4 hours to contain the fire, luckily there were no casualty. Low water pressure and unprepared firemen who were caught off guard were blamed for the slow response. There were many rumors that's flying around on what happen or what started the fire at Gambier Street.

As for me, rumors will remain as rumors. I will not speculate.


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