Eclipse CD7200 mkII

For goodness sake, someone buy me this unit!
Eclipse CD 7200 mk II
Launched 2008, 7200 model is the latest top of the line car mobile audio CD player
from Fujitsu Ten

I have been trying to resist this contagious ICE virus ever since I caught it a few months back and I admit that I failed miserably. Every time I tried to stay away, it just keep coming back. For people that have gone through this stage, they can surely relate to my experience as the need to upgrade become endless. It's incurable, no matter how strong is your will!

What happened to need and necessity?

Well I guess it went out the window when I personally tested out the unit today. To make matter worst, there were other units on display for comparisons!

Initially I was eyeing Mcintosh 5000 with 24bit DAC but found out that it was way over my budget and wanted the ever beautiful Mcintosh 460 instead. So I did a little research and I guess I over did it and ended up having too many choices. From Nakamichi 700, 500, Pioneer P9 to Clarion 9255 but finally decided on the 7200 as it offers the best overall value for the sound quality and features among the various models that I have looked at.

At the showroom, beside testing out other brand, I had the chance to test out other Eclipse models such as 2100 with the 5100 and against the 7100. And the 7200 somehow stands out more with clarity and power. Maybe as a dead head and powered by a new 24bit DSP with the 8 volts, the output produce is more clean. Couple with more voltage being sent from the HU to the amp, the gain on the amp won't have to be turned up as much to match with the HU. Compare to the conventional 4 / 5 volts, the 7200's 8 volts provide more headroom, meaning less chance of the amp clipping? That's if you have a good quality amp to utilize all that beautiful voltage.

Other than the great sound quality, sadly nothing else impressed me about this unit. If not for the copper plate chassis and gold plated connectors, the cheap plasticky feel and look of the face plate totally puts me off. As for the 6 selectable pattern illumination options to suit car interior and personal taste, they are annoying and bright with no option to switch them off!

True to Eclipse tradition, the 7200 is full of features; x over, time alignment, parametric EQ : PEQ, online audio customization, it also comes with USB connector, Bluetooth (BT) connectivity for phone and ipod friendly (*ipod connector sold separately). However, maneuvering the vast menu is no easy task, especially with the light cheap plastic dial knob and its strongly advisable not to use them while driving!

With all that said, I still want it as it has great audiophile sound quality. So, some kind soul out there PLEASEeee buy it for me! :)


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