I hate hearing excuses.

My mother for example has a chronic excuse offering trait and never admit any of her mistake and will some how find some excuses even if she is in the wrong. She is so afraid to be perceived as incompetent. Thus she can persistently and defensively make up excuses and she often succeed with outsider but she can never fool me as I can see through her like a block of glass. Probably its the up bring in her family as I noticed this clearly in her family members too. Excuses are plenty and always made to justify their actions and remove any blame off themselves. A bit kiasu in my opinion. Sadly, my sister inherited this bad trait of hers, although her intentions at time are good but its just plain lame to me.

I spoke to my little sister on the phone last night about her Chinese New year home coming plan. Btw, she is not little anymore, at 30 something, blessed with a little 3 year old daughter, they now resides in the UK after her husband (lets call him KS) received a job offer there a few years ago. We talked for awhile and the topic came to their house in KL which they bought when they first started working after graduating. When they left for the UK, the house was left empty for a time being and later, her sister in law move in, then brother in law with his wife move in and God knows how many people are staying there now.

And it came to the point where little sis told me that KS might have to cut short his Kuching trip short to return to KL as he need to find people to fix the house. Apparently, the house has been leaking for a while now and I asked her why didn't KS's brother or sister fix the problem or get someone to fix it. She said they did requested but no action was taken and she somehow had to give an excuse for them, saying that they didn't have the time and was busy with their work crap! What kind of excuse is that? and most intriguingly, WHY?

Living in the house for so many years (as a close relative) and they can yet ignored the leak for so long. A leak on roof can lead to many other damages, I can't imagine the state of the house now. It got my blood boiling when little sis added that the house's gate had also broken down, the lawn is like a safari jungle and yet she gave excuses for them. I do not know what gives.... With my sister's excusing trait plus KS family trait, too many 'I don't care less' attitude? I am just guessing here as I do not know KS's family and don't think I like to meet them either after hearing this horror story.

I just can't stand people making up excuses to cover up mistake, imperfection or to protect their self ego. And I must admit that I used to make up excuses for myself but I have thrown that attitude away because I don't want to end up as a chronic excuse maker. As seen in my mother and her family, they often believe that excuses are justified but over time, their words and beliefs just don’t match, and they tried to change them in order to resolve the internal “disconnect.” The mental processes of dreaming up excuses is both emotionally draining and personally demeaning and in the end, your own self-respect suffers, even when someone else is unaware that you’ve covered over the truth.

So please, stop making excuses and live a truthful life.


Dav DiDi said…
Hahhaa.. I call that as lame excuse!

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