What the Fcuk (II)

After my car accident last year, I had it repaired but there is still a minor part missing from my car.

This :
Toyota Black Grille, Radiator Side for my RH side to cover the front bumper body kit grille, just below the small head light. Part number 53112-BZ040

For the past few months, somehow I have this funny feeling that people were staring at my 1 eye jack car as if the hole was huge! So heavy heartedly, I dragged my self to UMW Toyota's spare part department, knowing that it will cost me a bomb to buy that simple cheap plastic cover.

Have a guess? .... I had to cough out $48.50 for that single piece. No discount! If you compare that to the price to weight ratio of gold, this thing is a dynamite!!

Well that's business monopoly to you.


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