I hate golf carts

People who know me, know about my dislike for golf buggy. And it's one of the many reasons that I have stopped golfing for a while. More on other reasons later.

Not that I couldn't afford the golf carts fee, but its the communist way of golf clubs forcing golfers to take the carts that put me off. Some even went as far as to amend their club constitutional by law to make it compulsory for players to take carts.

No doubt that carts rental generate income for clubs but there are many other way of doing it. Personal gains for the dollar signs are making people greedy and turning this old age game into a semi motor sport.

Common sense will tell you that golf carts do a lot of bad things for the game of golf. They prevent golfers from deriving any exercise benefit from playing, they slow play, they require courses to build unsightly golf paths and they damage turf in multiple places where the carts go off the paths. And worst of all, it restrict the bonding that golfers get when they walk together in foursome. There are thousands other reasons that I can list but writing them just makes me more piss.

What good do they do? Well, they make a lot of money for the golf professionals and for golf courses, so they are here to stay unless all lazy golfers are rid of this world. I am not naive to believe that this blog entry will end the nightmare or will it bring back the glory of walking golf but I hope it will spread the awareness of walking to season and new golfers alike.

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The Walking Golfer


I agree 100%. Golf carts are terrible. More people need to walk.

I've heard the story that some municipal courses need to have city council approval before raising greens fees, but they can add a cart requirement at will. I intend to only play courses that allow walking.

Ethen said…
well to me .. to make it complusory is totally wrong.

to use or not to use .. all boil down to personal preferences
Anonymous said…
Mark Twain called golf a good walk ruined. Now you don't even get the pleasure of walking. I've pretty much stopped playing entirely b/c I feel like a couch potato out there--really ruins the experience.

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