Learning Guitar

As a non musical person not exposed to music at a young age, I thought I have made a fair bit of progress since I picked up the guitar a few months back (2 months to be exact)

But after watching this kid on youtube, I am embarrassed!

Sungha Jung an 11 year old Korean kid playing Hit the road Jack. Is he for real or is he fake? But what ever rumor people are saying about him, he is just simply amazing on the video and I just can't stop tapping my feet to his music. He is an inspiration to a 30 something like me to learn the guitar even more.

But seriously, not comparing with the kid above, looking back I think I have made a leaping progress in my own standard as I can't even pluck a single note on the guitar 2 months back but with the help and encouragement of friends and relatives, I managed to learn all the major open chords and now into barre chords. Heck, I can even hum a few songs now after a short span of many late nights of plucking and strumming.

So how long will it take to learn the guitar? In my opinion this is very subjective and depends on one's personal objectivity and commitment to improve. Do I want to play like Jimmy Hendrix? John Daly (hey you know this pro golfer is also great guitarist) or like the Sungha Jung kid? Well, I will never know and I will take this new addictive learning as it goes. As to me, learning the guitar is like other things in life, the process is a journey and not a destination. So I guess its a life time learning process and here's to many more hours of music.

Strumming a G to end this note. Until next time.


You might want to read this post of Steve Krenz, a Professional Guitarist and Educator. Pretty inspiring..Learning and mastering guitar really is perseverance..I'm not a master though, I'm still learning..Goodluck!

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