Monday(again?) and breakfast

Felt better after yesterday Sunday game. Finally the game is coming back? At least its was better than poor Retief Goosen that lost his ought to be 3rd US open with an ugly 81 on the final day!!

The driver couldn't go wrong yesterday :) A few misaligned shots gave it away. Shot 44. As they say, play a crap shot and shit is what you get, ha! The turnaround came at the 10th hole a par5. Somehow I semi thinned my 3rd shot from the fairway bunker and it rolled up nicely onto the green, pin high! Missed the bird but that gave me the momentum boost I much needed. Shot 38! including another near HIO, 30cm tapped in birdie (and I really thought it had a chance!).

Had an early breakfast away from home today and luckily it's not a daily ritual for us. Imagine all the cholestrol and MSG loaded food! But it seems that everyone eat out everytime. To me the good old eat at home is still the best. Hot coffee with toast+jam or cereal and at times, half boiled eggs with black soya sauce and a dash of pepper. yum! my all time favorite. Anyhow thesedays one can get (almost) anything at coffee shops. So hence people eating out almost everyday! The funny thing that I find here is that wherever you go, you tend to bump into someone that you know. Small world huh? I don't mingle well early in the day, still in sleep mode, ha! I just want my kopi-O before I can start get going. What will I do without my morning cuppa??? :-)

The famous satay man.

Ayam atau Daging (Chicken or Beef)

Raw satays


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