Why am I lamenting on this trivial little thing? It's because driving is part of my daily routine.

Traffic is at its worst when it rains. Slippery and water puddled road slows traffic down to a snarl. During heavier torrential downpour, poor visibility worsen the conditions and this morning jam was made worse when the designated traffic police at this busy junction didn't turn up. Amazing how a single person can make thousands sufferes. What happened to responsibility?

While in the midst of the chaotic jam, many motorists zig zag out of the queue. I wondered if it made any difference, at the expense of others? Another Kuching's motorists bad habit is to speed up whenever they see one signaled to change lane! Signal light = speed up, no way hose I am not letting you through? Sigh. Maybe that's why drivers here will never use their signal lights. The only time they hit their signal light is after they have turned?! Maybe signal lights should be offered as optional when buying cars!

Then there is car's headlight. In my beloved city; somehow drivers think they can be seen in the dark or they use the wrong lights at the wrong time, usually the high beam or fog lights and the latest ultra bright modified version, mostly observed on cars driven by AhBengs & AhLians. For goodness sake, we have fog in Malaysia??! Not only it endanger other road user but also painful to watch.

So where are our common sense and road etiquette? or are they all kopi-O licensed?


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