Who is MahaguruSia?

Real name: Withheld for external security reason

Birthday: Every October 28th

Born in: Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia

Citizenship: Have always believed that he is a Malaysian but segregated as Non bumi

Physical attribute: Long arms (for golf) and strong tongue (non golf related)

Martial Status: Married but available (for golf)

Others information: An ex smoker, a compulsive gambler and loves people. A homely person, quiet in nature, just don't get him work up or feed him any alcohol (allergic but will still drink socially). Impatient at times but never shows. He is obviously a keen golfer and he is a man who loves his weekend golf. He has been whacking drives and leaving putts short almost every week ever since he got hooked 10+ years ago, and now, at 30 something, he's hoping to get out on the course a lot more often. His dream is to play competitive golf or to caddy professionally on golf tour circuit. Current USGA handicap is at 6.7

Likes: Golf, photography, women, technical stuff, handy work, sex in the garden gardening, natures stuff, food and Golf.

Hates: Selfish people.

Why MahaguruSia: MahaguruSia is my hotmail nickname which I acquired when hotmail was launched in the early 90's. I do not appreciated people impersonating me or using similar name. The nick also has nothing to do with my work, social status or how I look like. It just a nick name.


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