Thank you

It was my anniversary yesterday. Yup, it has been a good 8 years. How time flies eh? Thank you my love for the wonderful years we been together, thank you....

I am one of them that believes that everyday should be celebrated and not only on any particular designated days. Besides most of the man made special days are over commercialized. And eatery places are always pack, but empty on normal days? So does that mean valentines, mothers, fathers etc are not special for the rest of the years? Hmm....... *cough*

We wanted to have lunch at one of our old time favorite place and what do you know.... it's closed during lunch time?

Nevermind lah, with so many new food outlets dotting Kuching city, we decided to take a stroll and scout for new places. Adventurous in a way as we do not know what lies behind those unexplored kitchens.

We ended up in this simple looking Chinese tea restaurant, with an obvious humongous teapot on display outside their entrance. Pleasant looking place but a bit quiet as we are the only customer. Scary!? Anyway, we sat ourselves down and we took our own order! You know those place where they give you a piece of menu and pencil. As we finished ticking away, a lady that we presumed to be the proprietor came and confirmed our order. After a short period of time, the food came and to our surprise, they were good. Fresh, hot and homely cooked.

The price were reasonable too. Here's what we ordered.

  • Green Tea Sherbet RM3.00
  • Pearl Milk Tea RM3.50
  • Deep Fried Dumplings RM4.00
  • Fried Cantonese Kueh Tiaw RM3.50
  • Pork Chop RM8.00

For a grand total of RM15.50 ??? Wow, thats darn good I thought.

After we left the place, as usual I did some mental calculation and felt something was amissed! The cashier must have made a mistake. Yippee free drinks....? Never! and I felt bad, so we turned around and went back. This time, I was met by a young gentlemen and I told him that there must be some error and he just nodded sheepishly, accepted my money and went about his own thing, no thank you! Where is the common courtesy. Maybe it was insignificant to him or maybe I should have kept my money, like most people thesedays!


Anonymous said…
Aiyooooo .. i would never step into that said place AGAIN at all.

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