As year of the dog opens.

The lunar year of the firedog opened with hot sunny days. I am not superstitious. Serious!

Unlike the previous years, the rain miraculously stopped 2 days before Chinese New Year. Families that were busy earlier took the opportunities to finished up their home spring-cleaning without any hassle from the above. I am not superstitious. Serious!

As for us, we hate to procrastinate and finished our chores early as usual. It was amusing watching other people scrambling to do last minute things. My favorite? Watching sexy housewives and maids bending down to scrub floors. Man! Me and my wild imagination this dog style year!

Next came new year's eve, it's the day where family members from near and far gather together for the all important grand reunion dinner. We had our customary steamboat and Yii Sang. It was great to catch up with my, no longer little, sister and her newborn baby. Sarah celebrated her one-month birthday on the first day of Chinese New Year and she is so cute!!

Our reunion dinner was a joyous occasion and it was not pretentious like the ones with my in-law's siblings. A bunch of half past ten rich hypocrites and holier than thou attitudes. Sad… but as people aged and when wealth accumulates, they have the tendency to change. Screw them, it's the New Year and I am not going to spoil my mood over a few Asian bananas.

At the struck of midnight, despite the slower economy, fireworks were great this year. In Kuching or Sarawak in this matter, we have a unique display of public self-sponsored celebration. For visitors, they will be amazed at the array of firework displayed at the struck at midnight. This year the sky was again dotted with colourful sparks that lasted almost an hour and amazingly they were all lighted up by individual household. Besides the sky firepower, the noise pollutions definitely went up by a few hundred decibels with millions of firecrackers. An experience that truly need to be seen to believe.

Angpows collection was good this year, less deficit. A good sign for the coming days ahead. I am not superstitious and I am serious! :-)


dizzyguy73 said…
woah lau ehhh... so hamsap.

Gong Xi Fa Chai.

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