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Parenting is unique and every child is special.

For various reasons, many new parents these days turn to books and even Internet for guidance. Some provide good reference and I believe many of them are only applicable if the person reading them share the same cultural believes and ideology

As a parent, at times I cringe at the fact some try too hard and many followed books too strictly, which I liken them trying to bring up a clone kid, like the author? And who is she or he?

Every parent has to go through trial and error and books act only as reference, not god given guidance. That's unless you want to build a robot for the convenience of oneself. So I don't know what's worse, being ignorant, or being ignorant of being ignorant. You tell me.

Eh, I tried following every step of my idol Ernie Els's books and videos for years and how come I am not on the lucrative PGA tour yet? This is so stupid! Or am I the stupid one? Yeah yeah, I can hear you guys saying... lack of talent lah. Haha So, I am thinking of taking up cooking class after I shot 80 last Sunday and still lost to this 16 handicapper that shot 75 gross, that's 59 nett!! Really CCB, maybe it was just not my day huh?

So... to end my crappy post today, mahagurusia says; don't swallow everything that you read. Be selective. Yes, including this one if you have any sense!

Oh crap, I suck at this parenting blog... better stick to golf stuff and women.

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Agree, agree. Nod head, nod head.
anser said…
yup have to agree 200% as no 100% fool proof guide is correct.

As all man kind human have their own individual style to bring up their kids blah and life styles blah blah ....

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