Sarawak local dailies suspended

There goes my morning newspaper; the one that didn't made much impact here.

Put political agenda and religion aside, can some people look beyond this? It's just a cartoon for goodness sake. As a Sarawakian, I believe it didn't nor will it make much impact here. We are no extremist but a peace loving lot, who view it in a passing. It has nothing to do with our respect for other's religion; we have plenty of that here. It's just a caricature, plain and simple as that.

Sadly, some quarters are just out looking for political lime light for themselves. Brainless, tail wagging parrots.

Ok folks; time to hunt for an alternative morning coffee newspaper. Obviously limited and I seriously doubt that I could find any publications that's without any cartoons?


menj said…
Its not just "a" cartoon but a blasphemous cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad (P) who is highly respected by 1.3 billion Muslims around the world. Plus, no one is supposed to represent the Prophet (P) in an image, it is highly sacriligeous.

MahaguruSia said…
I agree. There are also so many other religions in this world and all of them consider depictions of the any kind to be offensive. [Period]

However if you look around, there are many other caricatures featuring offensive drawing on other religions. But it seems that everything said on this sensitive issue will be wronged by certain quarter. If individuals can't see beyond this, so be it. Thanks for dropping by menj
Tina said…
caricatures of jesus has been around for ages... you dont see christians act childish, causing havoc..shesshh..

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