Petronas TV 2006 CNY Ads?

Anyone has a copy of Petronas recent Chinese New Year TV advertisement?

It showed four silver haired ladies chatting in a what look like an old folks' home. Lady One boasts of a businessman son who makes RM450,000 per annum, Lady Two has a Accountant son who bought a posh house in Damansara, Lady Three has a London based surgeon son who charges 20,000 sterling pound for an operation, and does two operations per day! Then they turn to Lady Four, "What about your son?" they ask. ....

A good advertisemnt and gives out a strong meaningful message to many Malaysian.

Anyone with info, kindly email me or redirect me to their link.

Will appreciate it very much. Thank you.


Dragon City said…
hi mahaguru, i also looking for the ads.. local TV station stop showing it already. If u found it, can forward it to me? thanks.. ^_^
J said…
Is it this one?

Most of the ads are on the Petronas Website anyways..

Hope this helps.
MahaguruSia said…
J, thanks for the link. Unfortunately petronas site does not contain the lastest 2006 ads that I was looking for. Which I thought was odd?? Maybe it got to do with copyright stuff?

Anyone with other leads? thks
J said…
Unlikely that it's about the copyright tho... I mean, they own the ads pretty much, right?

Well,... maybe they are just really slow with updating the new ads onto the website....


Oh well.
Go look at it again in about 6 months' time. Maybe it'll be up by then.
narrowband said…
Many people are looking for it. Me too.

Another CNY ad is the TV3 one, (recent, 2006) - It was hilarious, at least when i first saw it!
mwt said…
Why would you want a copy?

To show it to your son or daughter who missed it?
Anonymous said…
Hi all, here's all archives of Petronas Public service message since they started in 1996 till 2006 on all festive's ad and also national day.
You also can download it anytime anywhere..
there u go
u guys enjoy it..

MahaguruSia said…
Try this link guys :

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