Warning! Please install humour version 20.06 before proceeding. Sadly we, conservative Malaysians, have been known to be lacking in this particular sense. Grey matters between the ears must be shrinking by the day or are they just suppressed?

According to with an interesting link. Read wisely with an open mind.


  • If anyone blasphemes at god will it affect god?
  • Will god punish the blasphemer? Will the sun punish the dog for barking at him? Why should such an awesome power as god (sun) punish such a puny little thing as the dog (blasphemer)? Do you think that god is trivially vindictive? Would you care what some bacteria or microbe said about you? Isn't god much bigger than man, as a man is big compared to a microbe?
  • This doesn't mean that you have to start blaspheming or bad mouthing others.
  • Banning blasphemy gives power to the fanatics.
  • When blasphemy is banned the moderatists will lose, and the fanatics will win. The fanatics will narrow and narrow their world view as their power grows to such an extent that the slightest disagreement from the moderatists will result in the killing of the moderate who disagrees with them.

As silly as it may sound, I have a theory that recent violence's around the world over a caricature have been instigated by a group of people with unknown intention(s). For economic reason is my hunch and they are obviously evilly brilliant in capitalizing human nature's weaknesses; emotions and naivety.

In moderate Malaysia, thank goodness that we are obsecured from the extreme. The only hype was on a few newspapers that reproduced the said offending caricature and it's more of the political correctness that caused two local newspapers to be suspended. The third newspaper NST was waived the ban today; which could meant that there is finally a light at the end of this tunnel? Otherwise we might just end up one day as the first country in the world without any newspapers. Truly Malaysia Boleh.


simon said…
cartoons aside, i'm all too happy to see NST crash and burn. they seriously need to wake up if they want to catch up with the competition. they are utter shite at the moment.
MahaguruSia said…
Simon, newspapers are powerful tools and like other mass media around the world, they are supposed to disseminate factual information to the public, but sadly they are control by politicians that used them to spread hidden political agendas instead.

So I don't believe every shite they feed me.... :)
Wingz said…
oohhh diu lo ... u goan put cartoon on your blog !!!! die!!! later they will revoke your publishing lisen!!

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