Get a grip on your game

Grip it and rip it like John Daly? Well, do you have a good golf grip in the first place?

Yeah, I am very sure that there are zillions of golf swing tip books and lessons written on how to play Golf, which guarantee to lower and cut golf scores instantly! And if you are a golfer reading this post, I am sure you can relate when I say you often get dozens of freebie tips from people that you meet at the range or when you play a round with your buddies. However has any of it worked for you?

Sometimes, 'miracle' tips happens but mostly they will remained as a quick fix or a temporary remedy to your golfing woes. Hence I religiously believe in starting with the first and the most important basic Golf Fundamental, The Grip!

Believed it or not, everything in Golf depends and start in the grip. If it's wrongly applied, it will create the worst golfing nightmare with an avalanche of other ill effect such as bad Alignment, Stance, Posture and which eventually lead to a bad (bad bad) golf swing.

So what is a good grip and how to get a good grip? Well my advice is to go and see your golf professional. If he or she is not interested to teach and elaborate on the importance of good grip, move on and get a new teacher. As for season golfer, most of us are stubborn lot, hence the reluctant to change but trust me on this, setup for a good grip and everything else will follow suit. Perfected fundamentals with lead to consistant lower scores and a better enjoyment of the game.

Go ahead, get a good grip on your golf and happy swinging. :)


Francis Huang said…
Good advice Mahaguru.
One of the zillion you referred to is perhaps ours.
Kindly give your comment on it. View our tips on Grip. Thank you kindly.

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