Kuwakchai is a new MMORPG game in town.

In Chinese Cantonese, Kuwakchai literally means gangster. Developed in the heartland of Malaysia, the game mainly revolves around the Kuala Lumpur city. There are also several towns surrounding it and they might sound foreign to players that do not resides in Malaysia but not to worry, you will get use to it quickly after a few clicks.


The game is free to play and its easy to access once registered, which only take seconds. Players can donate to receive extra goodies which makes the game more enjoyable.

Playing the game is simple, once inside, the simple layout is easy to figure out, Playing instruction are available in the help section or you can make friends and ask questions with the thousands of players online everyday. For more information, new player can browse through the forum page for help, which can be located at the left page in the navigation menu. The navigation menu is easy to figure out once you figure out what they mean as some of them are written in localized Malaysian English.

As a mobster game, one need to perform several task to gain energy, will, experience and health. And off course there are monetary rewards and the more money you have, you can buy more items to be powerful and form gangster group. There is no cheat or hack available yet.

Kuwaichai has gone through its beta stage and are free from bug after vigorous testing by the ever helpful admins. So what are you waiting for? Do head over to http://kuwakchai.com and check out this new game, u might see me in Pudu jail. :-)

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Marcus said…
nice..short n precise...
actually i am also playing kuwakchai!!!
haha...nice to meet you!!

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