I am DySLExiC

I am dyslexic.

Sadly, not many people here in Malaysia knows much about dyslexic or even aware of it. Especially my stubborn know-everything parents. They didn't had a clue which made it was even harder for them to realize that I had problems or admit that they didn't know all the answers. Now as a grown adult and knowing what plagued me, I am glad that I self diagnose myself as a dyslexic.

The word dyslexic comes from Greek, meaning difficulty with words. Looking back, when I was in secondary school, I found it harder and it takes longer for me to comprehend my studies. I excels in some subject that doesn't require much reading such as biology and geography but I had harder times with math and numbers, especially when they are read to me vocally. Not that I dislike them nor I have low IQ, I just had difficulty in digesting and memorizing them. Its like climbing a hill over and over again. Reading certain book was not easy task either, sometimes over certain books, it was harder as I struggle to read a passage multiple times. It was frustrating as I couldn't understand why!

I later somehow managed to get to college and took up engineering, but when I took big lecture classes or took exams, I failed miserably. It was so disheartening and I felt down and depressed whenever I try as then I didn't know that I was dyslexic and I blame my failure on myself.

In my present working life and knowing what plagued me, I am glad that I know my limitation and I have found my own way to cope with my special disadvantage. However most importantly, I am lucky that dyslexic doesn't effect my golf except for the occasional adding up of my total scores on a bad day :-)

For parents, please do read up more on this and do not ignored the signs. I am one of the victim that found out a little too late. There are help available.

More information on Dyslexia can be found here:
1. Wikipedia
2. Website for Parents of Dyslexics
3. Dyslexia help and support


Anonymous said…
I hate to tell you, but you are not dyslexic and your so called "proof" is nothing of the sort, and is actually offensive to real dyslexics out there.

Get professionaly tested before self diagnosing and using it as some sort of excuse or attenion seeking device.

Dyslexics are NOT bad with numbers. Dyslexics have NO trouble when things are said vocally (Dyslexia is a problem in the way works are processed in the brain when written or read). You say you have trouble reading "certain things". That is NOT dyslexia. Dyslexics have trouble processing even the most simple words, not just "certain things".

And the biggest point. A dyslexic learning to type and write a foreign language at your level would take years of specialist dyslexic specific training.

All over your website I see you saying you're dyslexic. Yet everything you have said confirms you arn't.
MahaguruSia said…
Dear anonymous,
I felt sorry that you found my writing to be offensive of sort, it was never meant to be. I would have written back to you personally if you were kind enough to leave your email for me to reply.

Anyway, I have been to a doctor many years ago and he confirmed that I am mildly dyslexic, if there is such a conditions.

I am not seeking any attention as this is a personal blog, but when you brought it up, maybe I am trying to find some sort of excuse for my learning disability or short coming but I don't regret for what I am.

In my writing above, I probably didn't managed to convey accurately what's happening to me or what's going through my mind. I have difficulty in not only numbers but reading and memorizing numbers as well. Which I cannot explain in details here. And that probably gave the wrong impression to some readers such as you. It's difficult to describe my whole life in such a short passage especially when I am not good in writing but I tried my best.

Anyway, thanks for writing and I am glad that you think that I am not dyslexic and care enough to write on my humble blog. Regards

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