Titleist ZB

Finally I found the replacement for my aged Titleist 990, they are the new Titleist Z Blend forged iron set.

I bought the 990 irons in 2002, which is now more than 6 years old and its nearing the end of the average life span of a cast irons set. They originally came with factory installed Precision Rifle 5.5 steel shaft, which I struggled to play for a few months. They felt harsh, so I gave up on them and re shafted the irons with Nippon Steel NS950GH and never look back ever since. They are the sweetest iron shaft I have played that give great feed back especially for my moderate swing speed. Unfortunately, the groves on the short irons, especially on the pitching wedge and 9 iron, are worn out. I tried re grooving them with a regroover but it didn't last long either and made the grooves line crooked after a few rounds.

The Titleist Z.B that I am eyeing now, comes with the latest Nippon Steel Super peening series steel shaft. They are a tad heavier that the 950GH which weight in at 104g per shaft.

to be continue....


Huei said…
buying steel shaft to whack 9 ppl? =P

now go read my blog or i send my ligers go eat u up! ligers as in licking tigers =P

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