RainForest Music Festival 2008

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14th July 2008

Shit, I am not spreading rumours nor am I speculating anything but this was what happened to me today and I have tell someone.

As you all know, Kuching World rain forest music festival (RWMF) will be held this weekend at Damai and the town center is full of tourist. However something was just not right when three turban men, definitely not local and probably from west Malaysia judging by they way speak, walked casually into my office in the middle of town and asked for Potassium Nitrate!!


I found it rather odd for tourist to ask for this item and I quickly told them that I don't keep any. They then coolly proceeded to ask me where they could find it and where is the nearest place that sell agriculture product. I didn't gave them further information and told them I didn't know and they quickly left.

Seriously, they don't look like farmer or they brought their plant with them and why buy potassium nitrate when you are on a holiday? Maybe I should have asked more details but I just wanted to get rid of them quickly as their request just gave me a funny feeling deep down inside.

Although Kuching is a safe place, the RainForest Festival is a walking disaster as it will be full of tourist from all over the world. Maybe some people are trying to play a practical joke on me by coming around asking these kind of questions? But all these happening is too a coincidence? So, I am hoping that this is just a bad wrong feeling of mine and pray nothing untoward will happened as the security there is really lacking!

I am not being biased or paranoid. Am I?

No matter what, do take care people.


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