First blog for 2006

Started off the New Year with a bang alright.

A Canon Ixus digital camera was stolen from our table as we were dancing away during the midnight countdown. Yes, this old geezer still has a few move in him. We left the party early as the theft incident gave a bad taste in our mouth. I am sad for the thief as it happened in a posh private club and angry at the same time as we lost the photos that we took earlier. I was told that I looked stunning.

Then, this morning our golf community was shook by another sad news. A golfer friend was found dead at our clubhouse. May his soul rest in peace and condolence to the family.

Sigh... I am too sad to blog.


dizzyguy73 said…
Man! Sad indeed.
Anyway, I'm sure we can expect to see more good happening around soon.

Take care.
Tina said…
May his soul rest in peace. You looked stunning? hmm..
anser said…
What the fuck ??? Cat City also got pp curi one ah ??? never mind lo .. got excuse to get a new one :-)

btw did you have any "unwanted pic" left in the camera ah or else TNS lo or u can become famous :-)

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