Customer Service in Malaysia

You will be amazed at how slack some of our Malaysian company's customer service are, until you tried them yourself.

I was one of the unfortunate ones to find out. And if I were to vote, TMNut takes the cake for being the slowest. See photo capture below. It only took them 3 weeks before they responded! Amazing!! Eh, too much kopi break ah?
I hope Celcom will not take as long or longer, as I officially wrote in to complaint about another unethical SMS billing, from the same gateway: 39444. My mail was sent out last Saturday 14th January and I gave them until this Friday 20th January 2006 to reply.

However, I am not putting too much hope on it; by the way and pace of some Malaysian corporation works. So I guess I better start my migrating process to a better service provider. I heard Maxis is good?

Let's hear your experience, good or bad.


Faizal said…
can i see that image larger?
dizzyguy73 said…
hello bladder, tukar telco jer la.
kalimuthu said…
Drop your voice into

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