Dirty Telco's in Malaysia

This is so lame!

I received another spam sms and this one caught my attention as it wrote:
"FOC Msg: Dear user due 2 technical error, u may hv been billed for unsubscribed services under 39444. For refund, call 0321711286 Mon-Fri, 9-6, by 31-01-2006 Sender: 332220000000"

Sadly, I am still being targeted as one of their victims, with random irritating sms coming in at all hours. I would like to reiterate that I have NEVER subscribe to their services and never will! So what was the above sms about? More scam? Or this must be the Malaysia Boleh thing that people have been talking about huh?

Technically I am sound enough to comprehend any jargons, so please, could someone from these Telco's or their cronny subsidiaries enlighten me on the causes of the said technical error? And even if I am not so smart, kindly tell me in layman's term, how in the world did my private mobile number ended up in your company system? And WHY should I waste my time and money calling a company in KL which will incurred me high outstation charges when this NEVER should happen! So much for customer service huh?

Please! Someone put a stop to this harassment on Malaysian mobile community.

And I want my money back and no question asked!

P/S: 2 technical error or two technical errors? Reread the rest of their above message and I thought my English was bad but theirs take the cake. I am dumb folded.


Alicia said…
be very careful whenever u sms to shortcodes "5 munbers" XXXXX i'm not sure if u can be refunded.. but in most case.. unless that u check out which company and confront them.. it's a gone case..

btw.. just for ur info "OFF" is now a universal keyword that can be sent to any shortcodes to unsubsribe or cancel all craps for 012 mobile users
dailymuscle said…
Correction. Its not 'OFF'.
Universal keyword across ALL malaysian telcos to unsubscribe from ALL Services under their content providers is:

So, for example, if you send any of the above commands to 12345, all services under the 12345 shortcode would be terminated.

Sending 'HELP' will return you the customer support number for the company 'spamming' you so you can call them up and fire them over the phone. It's not the telco.
princessE said…
Sad to say Content Providers still spam users for unsolicited contents. Have you subscribed to any of their contents anyway? Having said that, they can get ur number from other sources when desperate enough. U might think I am biased but telcos have warned these CPs to stop these or face cancellation of contract. Some of them are incontrollable though.

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