Golf are for Gentlemen?

Golf was exciting over the weekend.

First of all, a little self trumpeting. It was my club medal championship Sunday morning and I played reasonably well considering it rained half way through. I thought nothing of it until they announced the winners during the lunch cum prize giving ceremony. I nearly choked as I heard my name declared as the winner. Yippee!!?

Minutes later, I had a bigger surprise when I was told that I came third in the overall club ranking. I marginally overtook the previous third place contender by a mere 10 points. I was ecstatic!

Beaming with confidence after the winner's photo taking session, I was off again for another game as my overseas brother in laws were in town. We were early at the first tee and we waited for the earlier front group to clear. When nobody was in sight, the course marshal told us that we could go, as the flight supposedly in front of us might not show up. After the three of us teed off, the group came and demanded that we move back as it was their time. Out of courtesy, we gave way although they were late. They moved on without acknowledging us. Thank you to you too, rude ass!

We went about with our game and it was as competitive as ever. Everything was smooth, until the 6th hole after I teed off. My BIL followed suit and that's when I heard someone shouted. OMG, the front group has not cleared and they were not visible as they were under the shade of the trees.

Lucky they were out of our driving range and we halted our game. Feeling terrible, I went over to apologize profusely as it was my fault for not noticing them. However the three gentlemen did not accept my apologies but instead started abusing us verbally. With my BIL's short fuse, tempered flared obviously as the 3 CCB acted ungentlemanly and insistently provoking us with verbal abuse. Lucky there weren't any fist fight although those 3 deserves irons to be wrapped around their necks.

We did not purposely tee off into their group and we apologized but there was no courtesy on their side. With that incident, the club that supposedly to be the premier golf club in Sarawak unfortunately disappoint me as they have admitted some of the best ah beng asshole as members. I am sad but will not be disturbed by such narrow-minded people.

What comes around goes around and unfortunately these are the people and things that makes the world goes round. :-)


anser said…
wow lan eh ... KGS @ pussy pp also act like that one ah ???? bely surprise la ... :)

so in the end what happen ??? did the tan seri say anything ah ???

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