Of seatbelts, women and no sleep

Only god knows how a woman thinks. They are truly from Venus. And I am serious!

Sigh. I am a bit incoherent today; as I didn't get much sleep this morning after the effing rubbish truck came 3 am in the morning. I bet the whole neighborhood loves the local council even more after last night rude awakening. As the truck hums and clanked away, I wanted to open my window and shout my lungs out but I would have sounded like a fool. Then came the thought of throwing rubbish at them instead, and yet again, it would look foolish, as they already smell like rubbish? Duh! were only doing their job.

After a few minutes, which felt like eternity, the truck and its sound faded away. Insistently, I tried to return to snooze land but I just kept tossing and turning the whole time. Arghh…. Oh well it was better than the last experience when some dim wit blared his horn in the middle of the night announcing his arrival or was he trying to get his sleeping maid to open the house gate, 5 feet away!! Seriously I believe that common sense these days are depleting fast like MAS bank account. Must be all the TehTarik or our ailing education system?

On the way to work, I found this morning news on the radio rather amusing. Malaysians were supposed to buckle up at the rear seats but the law was postponed because it needs to be table in parliament as there were too many cars not equipped with rear seat belts? Aduh! Seat belts also need to be politicized? And is there a need to wait for a few persons in suits to table and pass parliament law before people starting buckling up? It is for your own safety and if you love your love ones, please buckle up, be it at the front or the back or in bed.

On the lighter side, did you know that The Malaysian Highway Safety Council has done extensive testing on a newly designed seat belt? Results show that accidents can be reduced by as much as 80 % when the belt is properly installed. Correct installation is illustrated in the following attachment.

I still do not know how women thinks and I guess I will just never know…


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Totally irrelevant to the post, but are you coming to the Kuching Bloggers Meet?

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