Why Titleist Pro V1?

Why is it so good and addictive?

Could it be the high exposures on golf tours and the wins it garnered? Or maybe it is the marketing power by giant company like Titleist? And before anyone thinks that I am paid by stingy Titleist to write about this article, you are dead wrong. I am still waiting for my complementary HIO gift but later was told that I could get a certificate (by printing it myself from their website; with my own printer and paper! Yeah rite). But one thing is for sure; I am hooked on this sticky little ball.

No, this ball does not float on water nor it can help you do your dirty dishes. But it is one of the best balls in market yet. ProV1 is a spin-off from the old time favorite balata tour and professional series. The former balls are known to scuff easily but their orgasmic buttery feel and spin they produced outweigh the expensive heartache. ProV1 was later introduced as an improvement and it stormed the industry with its revolutionary drop and stop technology. More resilient, longer off the tee coupled with superb flight consistency and great feel around the greens, there is no wondering why this high performance ball are the #1 choice on worldwide tours and for serious rich golfers seeking Tour-level technology and Tour-proven performance

Over the years, ProV1 just got better with each new model. The latest model is longer with improved launch conditions yet increase ball control into and around the green. My only gripe is the claim made on the ball's workability, they are just not the same and have been reduced compared to the balata days. It is however offset with longer straighter drives, thanks the constant research and improvement in technology.

I have reviewed a few balls over the years and the closest rivals are Callaway HX tour and Ben Hogan Apex tour, each has their own characteristics but none come close to pro V1 in terms of consistency and overall feel from tee to green. Hey, I might be addicted but I am not on drugs and sober enough to know that they cost a bomb. Until one that is cheaper and better comes along, Pro V1 will remain the best golf balls todate.

Now, I hope somebody from Titleist will read this and will be kind enough to send me 2 years unlimited supplies of ProVs. Ha!


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