Oh... Malaysia

I am glad that our Malaysian police came into the limelight of late.

They are our country law enforcer and over the years they have done respectable deeds. However with more public awareness and accessibility of more liberated mass media, especially electronically, the force's bad apples are finally scrutinized openly.

As seen in recent headlines:
Nude Squat case?
Women carrying condoms are prostitutes? Are we Burma?
Police judging public on how they dress?

These are sad cases and will they be swept under the carpet like always?

It is also not surprising to see public confident plummeted to an all time low with such enforcement officers. Especially when Malaysian public have instilled a silent perception that enforcements officers from various government agencies are corrupted in someway. There must be some truth in their accusations otherwise a tree does not flutter without any wind?

This might sound like over generalizing but it is also believed that dealing with Malaysian government agencies involves a lot of bureaucracy and red tapes. They are known to be slow and inefficient, making them prefect breeding grounds for enforcement irregularities.

To be fair, there are always two side of a coin. Basic demand and supply economics. Can we blame lowly paid personnel for accepting inducement? For some it became a chronic habit and infectious. Maybe that is why it is an open secret that a handful of Malaysian law enforcement officers accept bribes and Malaysian public gives bribes?

So what is your take?


Tina said…
Corruption -Police corruption is a complex phenomenon, which does not readily submit to simple analysis. It is a problem that has and will continue to affect us all. Officers who often act in a corrupt manner are often over looked by the authorities. Thus, it's never ending. Doubt it will ever end.

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