905R has landed

The itch and sleepless nights are finally over.

I just received my latest Titleist 905R 9.5 driver with the much talked about Proforce V2 S/Stiff flex shaft. The club was purchased off ebay as Acushnet Malaysia doesn’t carry the shaft(?). Yeah, I must be the first person in Malaysia (and maybe Singapore) to have a Titleist 905R with proforce V2 shaft. *ahem*

However, purchasing from ebay has it draw backs; the cost of international shipping and the waiting period. It took about 7 days via usps parcel service, which is consider a short time if one is not waiting.

For me, the week long was a killer wait and I had all sort of funny thoughts running in my head. Anyway it arrived safely. Many thanks to Russ for the great club and being such a good ebayer.

So why the switch from 905T to 905R? A good question that I have asked myself after the impulsive buy off ebay. Why fix something that is not broken? I am playing consistently with my 905T with Titleist’s Fujikura S flex stock shaft. Do I expect a miracle distance as a single handicapper?

So I took the liberty to read up on what others said about the club and it was a rather mixed reviews and down to personal preferences. However what really intrigued me was what most 905T users wrote when they have tried the new 460cc 905R, NOT MUCH DIFFERENT. Huh? Have I just purchased something that is not going to be useful?

Personally, I think what it comes down to, is that it is another Titleist driver. If you like the Titleist drivers, you will preform well with this and probably get one (like me). If you don't play Titleist this is another one you are probably going to pass on.

For verdict, just wait for my on course review after this weekend games. :)


anser said…
finally the tits have landed ... unlike mine .. the stockist does not have stiff shaft .. so have to wait lo ;(

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