Election preview

The state election is coming again (Read sign of election coming)

However things are quiet this time around. Too quiet in fact as there are no buzz in town except for word of war in main stream newspapers. Businesses such as shopping complex and even places like kopi-thiam are quiet. What the fark is going on? People say it's the global crude oil prices that are effecting the economy but is our world truly dictated by some black liquid? This couldn't be right.

Maybe the atmosphere is quiet because there are not election posters. The greeny environmentalist must have got to them. Save the world, save the trees, say no to paper posters! Seriously, posters are a waste of taxpayers money eventhough monies are claimed to be from supporters with good intention only known to themselves.

Yeah, politic is a dirty game no matter which party one is in. Money rule this game. So, as a registered voter, please use your right wisely. Cast your vote not because you were told to. Cast your vote not because you are paid by. Cast your vote not because of the few words during the campaign but cast your vote because the future is in your hand.

But since if you know how to read, you are smart enough to know what to do.

Vote for a government by the people for the people.


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