Review: Titleist 905R

First impression
When I took the 905R driver out of the box, my first thought was “Why is it so short?” The club was definitely visually shorter probably due to the proportionally bigger head, 460cc, up 55cc from the discontinued 905T.

The head cover also initially look smallish and it got me worried for a while that Russ might have sent me a 3w! After struggling with the head cover, I was relieved when I finally got the headcover off to see that it was the driver that I ordered. Nice looking head cover but like many complains that I heard from other Titleist users, it will need some time to loosen up before it could be easily managed

The other obvious difference was the Proforce V2 shaft. Physically it felt coarse unlike the previous infamous perforce 65, which I imported directly from Golfsmith before it was available in Malaysia that started a cult following among friends. As for this 905R and V2 combo, it should be definitely be first in Malaysia so far. Ha!

The grip is a Titleist stock Golf Pride M580 tour velvet cord grip. Firm and comfortable but the ‘swing rite’ finger linings were not featured on this stock grip, which doesn’t bother me.

As for the head, it looks awfully similar to the 905T, except for the bigger volume which is unnoticeable at setup and the acoustic plug that is located at the back middle portion of the club’s sole.

On course review
As a Titleist user, I can confidently say that switching over from the 905T to the 905R was a breeze. The look at setup is so distinctively similar that I didn't even bother going to the range and played the 905R straight out of the wrapper.

On course, the 905R plays or rather launches very similar to the 905T except that it goes about half a degree higher yet it produces more roll. Distance wise, I was a little longer off the tee probably due to the bigger head that inspires confident to hit the ball harder, which include shots into the wind. Ball flights into the wind were barely effected as the ball launches at an optimum spin that produces penetrating flight trajectory.

So what did I like about the 905R beside the wind cheating trajectory and forgiving looking head?

The Proforce V2 76g shaft!

It works especially well in the Titleist 905R as it provide a superior stability. Although it felt a little heavier, the swing weight is at D6 which is similar to my Fujikura with 905T combo. The low torque at 2.2 initially got me worried as I thought it would play too stiff but instead it felt good with it's mid point kick and a responsive tip. The V2 shaft was definitely designed so that it could keep today’s oversized drivers head stable without a “boardy” feel.

A two thumbs up from me.

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