Sarawak Election

BN won again but victory was solemnly mooted by a dent in their majority.

It's an obvious sign, as seen in the overall results, Sarawakians in the urban areas have finally voiced out their discontent. Unfortunately, rural folks are still loyally blinded by the short term gains from election campaign.

Yeah, enough said as politic will be dirty, no matter which hand is holding it.


Anonymous said…
talk a bout a divided malaysia eh?
Is this my country? said…
It's a victory for a fairer, non-discriminatory and equal Malaysia.
Anonymous said…
i'm a penangites proud of sarawakians who voted for DAP.
MahaguruSia said…
Thanks for the comments.

Interestingly, anonymous: you should be proud to comment openly yourself. Supporting an opposition party in Malaysia should NOT be considered as a taboo or are you afraid to be consider as an outcast?

I support a party with fair and good governances. Plain and simple.

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