The 905R itch

Ever since after the demo day, my hands have been itchy. Nope, it was not due to some fungus infection after trying out the clubs but rather it was my mind that kept pestering me to get my hand on the latest 905R driver from Titleist!!

They are awesome to hit with perfect acoustic sound at impact. Oh, did I say that they were forgiving and long. :-)

Anyway, as a 905T user I couldn't justify the need for the upgrade, hence I tried bidding for cheaper alternative on ebay but lost on all occasions. Damn those bidders! *ahem*

My mind got more restless and I finally gave in and placed an order with a local pro shop. When I called, I was really hoping that they would have said that they didn't have the driver's specification that I wanted. But since it was run by a buddy of mine, he went to the extend by searching one in Singapore. They have them in stock!! Gee...

When I hesitated, he knew that it was one of the impulsive buys that people get and as a friend he tried talking me out of it. He told me that I was playing well with the 905T and there was no need for the upgrade. He gave me a few days to think about it and hopefully I would have came to my senses.

It has been a week and my hands are still itchy! !#$%^& What to do? What to do?...


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