Citation Forged Irons

Even as a Titleist die hard fan, this club is worth a mention.

I was browsing through my club's pro shop over the weekend when my eyes caught the sight of the latest Citation Forged Combo Irons from PowerBilt. As a purist, I am very particular on how a club looks at address and this club is simply irresistible to the eyes.

The quote from it's website said it all.

"The aesthetically pleasing, ultra thin top-line isn't just for show. Its function is to lower the center of gravity"

The set tested was installed with Nippon Steel NS Pro 950 steel shaft and it felt very balance at setup. However I would have preferred a heavier swing weight than the D0 and a constant muscle back look through out the set.

Overall, the club has one of the best classic look at address! Thumbs up from me.


Neo said…
Looks good, although I don't play golf.

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