Mahagurusia's Big Party

It's my Birthday!!

Thank you for the well wishes and presents (oh shuck, I shouldn't have reminded you guys but thank you anyway) Speaking from his paradise, mahagurusia would like thank the following bloggers / friends for helping to make this party of the year:

Shaolin Tiger - for performing local kungfu lion dance
5xmom - for ushering guests and making them feel at home
Jeff - for taking great party photos and making the headlines
Paul Tan - for arranging transportation and the fleet of cars
Wingz - for making rojaks and live performance
PeterTan - for making sure everyone shave at the right place.
Joe - for all the great recipes
Suanie - for bringing up beauty in her own way
Jess - for the golfing tips
KY - for providing the foods and koi as desserts
Anser - for hooking in the latest scoop.
Simon - for talking non stop and listing every 10 things he sees
Dizzy - for mixing his daily alcholic beverages
Laubeh - for looping in all the wild horses
FC - for bringing in the papayas!
Karen & Tina - for registering members (new swinger club in town!)
Hustler - for stimulating everyone.
HuaBin - for shaking the party into a merrier one
Samm - for ironing things out and displaying delicious hot buns
Sapienbyran - for making sure human and computer work in logical way
PPS - for tranforming this 'addictive' neighborhood into a better place
And to my loyal visitors, friends from far and near and those names that I missed out, thank you for coming and please accept my warmest appreciation. This blogsphere rocks!

Here's one to a great October,Cheers Yammmm Senggggg!


Tina said…
Happy Birthday old man!
dizzyguy73 said…
Happy B'day Mr Swinger
Wingz said…
yarmmm SinnngggGGG!!!! how young liow lu ?
suanie said…
sob sob happy birthday
Samm said…
Ok, ogle now: *doing nekid pole-dancing* Happy Birthday!!
MahaguruSia said…
tina & dizzy - teehehe... thks

wingz - 30 something going 19

suanie - sniff... share klennex with nob member

samm - can replay ah? forgot to bring me camera :))
cancelthisacct said…
Hey, Happy Belated B'day
Pelf said…
Happy Belated Birthday! :) Many happy returns :)
MahaguruSia said…
JT - thanks :))

pelf - thanks for being NUT enough to drop by this SHELL station. lol

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