I haven't been dinning out for ages, until last evening.

We were invited out for dinner with a couple of friends. CY actually wanted us to meet her newly found love after her break up. Good on her and it's good to see her beaming again.

Before hand, I have been warned not say anything, not because the guy is from the capital city but he is young. Very young in fact. I have nothing against women dating younger men, I even dated a few older women myself, but this one just gave me funny vibes. I could be wrong and maybe it was just me.

It was my first time at the much talked about Magenta. The food was great and so was the ambience. The stilted old wooden house was tastefully renovated and decorated with ala Bali style. Old me obviously blended well with the old structures.

The first few minutes of the meeting was a bit awkward but as the night progressed with a few jokes thrown in here and there, made the evening more palatable. I just couldn't figure out why but I just had this funny feeling about this younger guy. Maybe I am being prejudice but I rarely misjudged a character.

We later adjourned to Tom's, a dessert place down at Padungan Road. First time there for me as well. I was told that they are well known in Kuching for their killer cheese cakes. Darn nit! they were right as they were all yummylicious! We also had wine and coffees to go with cakes. So much for my strict diet regime.

I later had to excused myself as I had to work tomorrow. Yeah it's a Saturday but someone had to work... After a few quick goodbyes I left them to enjoy themselves. I am sure they felt better without me, as I definitely felt old last night.


Amelia said…
Cheesecakes! :)
Hmm..I'm salivating already... I must drop by at Tom's...the next time I'm in Kuching.

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