NAP just screwed us

I had another hair pulling fit after reading this:

Plenty of nice cars. Only RM70,000 for a brand spanking new Camry. However I was suddenly shot down to earth when I reliazed how much we Malaysian are paying for. Through our nose!

The news is not new and the policy have been anticipated even after years after years of delays. It's dissapointing and I am pissed at the recently announced National Automotive Policy, or better known as NAP or National Account Pilfering, as it did nothing to ease the pain and burden that Malaysian consumer have to carry.

As tax payer to the government that is elected by the people for the people, cars including national makes still remain expensive in Malaysia. Citing an example like the above, a Toyota Camry will still cost twice as much compared to other country that have efficient coverage of public transport. Excise duty remain high, ranging from 65% to 125% paid to Malaysian Custom, add import duties, road taxes to JPJ, escalating fuel prices and tolls to concessionaires; and yet car buyers are expected to pay more than the rest of world.

The day light robbery continues. Truly Malaysia Boleh.


Anonymous said…
High price is one thing. But billions in ringgit paid by the rakyat in car taxes, yet the roads are crap, full of potholes, and jammed like crazy.

Singapore and Hong Kong's average car price actually higher than ours, do you remember?

But Singapore's roads are incredibly well-maintained, and Hong Kong's public transport too. Including those cool sky elevators for pedestrians.

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